The Vitae

vitaewebsiteA Rose Brashear Novella

Rose Brashear enjoys teaching anthropology as adjunct faculty at a Sacramento university while she completes her dissertation. Until a job announcement lands in her in-box and she knows it’s time to get serious about the future. Between exploring historic mine sites and scrambling to teach undergrad courses, she’s already stretched to the limit, but now she’s got to prove she’s the best candidate for full-time employment. Competition is fierce and Rose is about to discover the perfect position is hard to find.


Read an excerpt:

Rose yanked the neoprene glove over her palm and snapped the wrist band. It was silent on the dark country road even though it wasn’t that late. That was the great thing about living in Sacramento, it didn’t take long to get out of the city proper, and the surrounding terrain offered lots of variation.

“What is up with the undergrads taking sides?” she asked.

Jonathon grunted as he maneuvered the hindquarters of the deer so it aligned with the bed of the truck. “You can thank Dr. Wilcox for that idea. Yeah, I figured it out when half my dissection students showed up with rose paraphernalia stuck in their hair or pinned to their shirts.”

Picking up the forelegs, Rose struggled to lift her half of the doe high enough to slide the carcass onto the lowered tailgate. She puffed with the effort. “Don’t feel bad, I have half the baseball team in my afternoon section and they’re all wearing the letter J spelled out in electrical tape on their jerseys. Whose idea was that?”

A whoop of laughter was his only response.

She concentrated on holding the deer while Jonathon moved his grip and shoved the roadkill in far enough to shut the tailgate. At least this doe was intact. The last one they’d found had been so mangled they’d passed on picking it up.

He latched the gate and stripped off his gloves, automatically rolling them together, inside out. “The captain of the baseball team passed my class last semester, but only because I let him take the final exam at a special time so he could make some playoff game. As a result, Team Jonathon grows by leaps and bounds.”

Rose made a rude sound. “It’s ridiculous. They don’t care who teaches the class, just who gives them the best opportunity to pass.”

Jonathon moved toward the driver’s door. “Cheer up. That means they all hate Elise.”

“There is that.”