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My books are organized here in the order they were written (and could be read). Although all can be read out of order, you know it’s always better if you don’t skip around because you miss all those inside jokes. You can also download a printable list HERE which includes upcoming releases (don’t ask me exactly when, I don’t know either).

The Alternate History Archive

  • File No. 1, The Handprint
  • File No. 2, Lierin the King Killer – coming soon!

Rose Brashear & Savio Mendes

  • The Vitae (Rose Brashear)
  • The Trade (Savio Mendes)
  • Ambushing the Vigilante (Rose & Savio)
  • A Scattering of Bones (Rose & Savio) – coming soon!

Lydia Davenport Series

  • The Estate Appraiser
  • The Engler Estate – coming soon!
  • The Wirth Estate – future release

Colonial Intrigues

  • The Golden Wind – coming soon!
  • The Merchant Siren – future release

Short Story Collections

  • Passing Judgement, Short Stories about Serving Justice
  • Alternate Endings, Short Stories of Speculative Fiction
  • Uncanny Echoes, Short Stories of Supernatural Fiction – coming soon!
  • Felonious Love, Short Stories of Romantic Intrigue – coming soon!

Younger Readers

  • The Adventures of Ghost Mouse,  a Volume of Bedtime Stories
  • Luche Libre Loose in the Stacks – Special Collections, Case #1
  • No Sharks in the Lobby – Special Collections, Case #2
  • Runaway Robot in Reference – Special Collections, Case #3
  • High-Noon in Non-Fiction – Special Collections, Case #4
  • Black Bear by the Vending Machine – Special Collections, Case #5


  • Catch the Wave, A self-Publishing Workshop

You can also find my stories in these volumes of TDE:

  • The Digest Enthusiast, Book 1: The Presidential Collection
  • The Digest Enthusiast, Book 5: Feed the Beast
  • The Digest Enthusiast, Book 6: Down the Rabbit Hole
  • The Digest Enthusiast, Book 7: The Edge of Eternity