The Adventures of Ghost Mouse

GhostMouseA Volume of Bedtime Stories

Whether he’s sailing aboard Captain Bedbug’s pirate ship, cooking firehouse chili or catching up with policemen over a cup of Mexican cocoa, Ghost Mouse discovers his wild adventures make every day a surprise – especially when he gets to drive a tank for the Army!

Ghost Mouse always finds some new adventure to explore, interesting people to talk to, and amazing things to learn. Come ride along with him…


Read an excerpt:

Ghost Mouse climbed up in the Jeep. The worn cushion snugged him in all the right places like the bucket seat had been made to fit him. More comfortable than he’d thought possible, he turned the key. The engine roared to life. The entire frame vibrated with energy.     

The Zippy Red Car might have crouched like a panther but this Jeep roared like a lion! He shifted the car in gear and rolled out of the parking lot. Down the road he went!

Thumpety thump.
Bumpety bump.
Thumpety bump thump.
The big tires rattled over the pavement. The truck bounced. The engine rumbled. The chassis rocked and shimmied.

Pretty soon, Ghost Mouse grinned. Laughter bubbled out and got louder. This was amazing! Way better than some old zippy car. Up here he looked over the tops of the hills. Rolling down the highway with his head in the clouds, he imagined no other way to drive.      

He liked this Jeep.
In fact, he loved this Jeep.
This was his BIG Jeep. He patted the side of the tattered black vinyl seat. Today, he wanted to buy this BIG blue Jeep.

“This is my Monstrous BIG Blue Jeep!” He shouted the words out the window.

The wind caught his voice and carried his happy shout to the bank of the river where two fisherman raised their hands in salute.

Rumbling down the road in the old Jeep was like sitting atop a volcano and waiting for the eruption. The ride was sensational!