Ambushing the Vigilante

Ambushing-the-VigilanteA Rose Brashear & Savio Mendes Novel

Rose arrives in Montana to do her job and encounters trouble:

An occasional breeze shivered tree branches and carried the fresh tang of pine to her nostrils as she paced forward, scanning the ground and noting scattered pine cones atop layers of needles. The crisp air was a potent reminder of winter’s recent departure. Asphalt gave way to a raised wooden platform and she paused in mid-step with one foot on a plank, her chest tensing when she saw the pair of muddy boots sticking out from behind a scrubby pine tree.

Savio arrives in Montana to do his job and encounters trouble:

Picking the lock on her room was like foreplay. The disarray in the charming space was breathtaking. Stacks of paper spread across every flat surface, a large map covered an open expanse of wall with sticky notes tacked in multiple places, but the bones claimed his interest. Several skeletons sat in tidy piles on the antique tables, a contradictory and disconcerting sight. Savio tilted his watch, calculated an estimate, and began to survey. Clearly this woman was not the typical tourist.


Read an excerpt:

Just because Rose liked mines didn’t mean she wanted to be left stranded inside one. As holes in the ground went, this one was dry and empty but she had no intentions of spending any great length of time here.

“I promise to return and rescue you before morning.” Savio laid a long-fingered hand over his heart.

Rose snorted and rolled her eyes. She wanted to give a dismissive wave but he’d trapped her hands again. Smart man. “You might get shot, arrested, deported, or eaten by a bear before then,” she complained. “I could be stuck here until the park service runs a trace on my abandoned vehicle and discovers I’ve been missing for a month.”

He raised one eyebrow. “Surely not so long?”

She huffed out a dissent. “Clearly, you’ve not worked with government bureaucracy.”

Savio laughed so hard he had to bend over to catch his breath. He released her hands and stepped back, effectively blocking her access to the exit. When his mirth finally passed he held out a hand. “Come Querida, let us be friends once again.”

She eyed his advance warily. “I’m feeling decidedly less friendly.”