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Writing Update – Exit Stage Right

As we hedge up next to the close on this round of words, I’m thinking this may be my last one for a while. There are too many demands on my time – which is all my fault because I keep adding to the schedule. I really need to slow down a bit. That means reducing my participation in a lot of the things I enjoy. For a while, at least. So sad. Boo hoo.

On the upside, I met all three of my goals. Yay!

               1. Edit five chapters a week in Novel #1.
               2. Research and list one potential query source a week.
               3. Read one chapter book a week on writing craft.

My first goal was to finish the edit on novel #1 (Frankenscript in the flesh ream). I made it through 400+ pages, hacking right and left with the metaphorical machete and immediately discovered the front twenty chapters needed even more pruning. I’m about done with that additional pass and will go ahead and read through the remainder just as a precaution. Then it’ll be time to ship it off to the overseas beta reader/editor extraordinaire.

Three goals!

My second goal was to compile a list of potential agents to query once I read that stage. I’ve got a short list, not as many as hoped, but a good start. This is surely an ongoing endeavor.

My third goal was to read a bunch of new books about the craft of writing. I did. Some were abysmal…most were okay. I slipped in a couple of workshops because there seemed to be a lot of repetition in what I was reading. Then I had the inspiration to ask everyone else (you amazing writer people) which books they really liked and *kapow* instant list!

Now I have a lot of awesome books to check out.

Over the last six months I’ve experimented with a lot of new things (at least to me), like blogging, networking, workshopping, facebooking, campaigning, row80ing, twittering, triberring, flashing (as in fiction, you naughty thing). six sentence sundaying, work-in-progress’ing, and probably a few I forgot about. Every one of them had some positive effect and I’ve met hundreds of lovely people. Maybe I’ll return to some of these activities in the future, but for now I’m going to lurk around my blog and concentrate on finishing some other projects.

I can’t remember the last time I set foot in my art studio and the greenhouse I’ve been wanting to build is just waiting for our busy hands. I’m ready for spring and being outside…

So, Row80 peeps, this is it for me. I feel good about this round and I’m pleased with my progress. I hope the looming deadline finds you in a good place. I’m cheering for you (rah! rah!). Who knows…we may meet this way again.

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