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Does Length Matter?

Length matters to me.

Ahem…get your mind out of the gutter.

I’m talking about fiction here, the length of a good read. Novels appeal to me because there’s time to develop all that atmosphere, setting and intrigue.

Flash fiction is something I’ve learned to appreciate because it hones my  editing skills.

I’ve also discovered that micro-fiction is not my cup of tea.

For those of you who love it – social kisses and high-fives. I’ve done several pieces and am unhappy with the payoff for the amount of effort involved in the production. Like poetry, there’s a lot being produced but very little lingers in my mind.

For me there just isn’t enough space to convey what I want, in order to feel content with the finished product.

For a while I worried maybe I was just going about things ass-backwards, but nope…the words work best in one direction. It doesn’t much matter WHICH direction, as long as they all seem to follow along.

But for me, length does matter.

For those writers out there – what’s your favorite length? When you read, do you like it longer or shorter?

Stop thinking those things. Bonus amusement and soundless clapping if you answer in haiku.