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Recipe Round-Up: Finger Foods

The holidays are upon us and that means entertaining.

Whether you’re the attendee or the host, it never hurts to have a full repertoire of handy recipes at your fingertips for when those unexpected guests are headed your way.

I’m a big fan of finger foods. I like the idea of people spread around the house, visiting in small clusters with tiny heaping plates of food they can easily manipulate without the need for knife or fork. I like it even more when the food products are easy to make.

Today there are lots of tasty treats you can buy at stores like Costco that make entertaining easy, but that can leave you with a lot of surplus if it’s a small group – or take over your entire freezer with remnants. Since there are a bunch of entertaining opportunites and you might need to take something along on the social rounds, there are a few more than usual on my list.

I’ve experimented with all these selections but tweaked most of them since I’m heavy-handed with the herbs and spices and add them indiscriminately to almost everything. All of these can be doubled or tripled for larger crowds.

1. Crustless Spinach Savory Tart
(this one is also excellent with a flaky crust base)

2. Crunchy Potato Cheese Balls
(okay, I had my doubts, but these were pretty darn tasty)

3. Toasted Ravioli
(these just can’t be beat – simple and scrumptious)

4. Italian Chopped Salad in Shells
(make extra of everything because you eat as you stuff…)

5. Chalet Bread Appetizer
(ridiculously good – go heavy on garlic, use strong cheese)

6. Blue Cheese Vodka Balls

7. Chocolate Almond Crescent Cookies
(they’ll disappeared faster than anything else)

8. No-Bake Reese’s Squares
(cut in 1 inch squares and serve with a fresh raspberry)

9. Chocolate Covered Strawberries
(drizzle melted white chocolate over top for pretty factor)

Well, that should keep you going for a while. Don’t forget to add all the regular crudites and stand-by favorites. A veritable buffet is easy if you plan ahead.

Should you get round to trying any of these yummy treats – whiz back over and drop a comment so I know somebody likes these things.

Happy partying entertaining!

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