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Listen to Zydeco

Creole musicians playing accordion and washboard in front of store, near New Iberia, Louisiana in 1938.Zydeco is a folk music from the American south. With deep roots in Creole tradition, and combining Blues and Rhythm & Blues, this style of music is accompanied by lyrics still traditionally sung in Louisiana Creole French. The sound celebrates a fast tempo and featured instruments include accordions and washboards, but guitars and fiddles are also common. Despite the oft-disputed origins, and celebrated among both Cajun and Creole communities, zydeco is an energizing social-oriented music. Spin up the volume and enjoy the sound of New Orleans on a steamy day.

Want to hear a sample?

question markHow about you – is there a particular type of music that gets you on your feet and moving? Something that forces you off the couch and into motion? What’s your favorite summertime sound?

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