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Memed by the Lucky 7…

I’ve been memed!

This should not be confused with mimed. I was in fact, once mimed at the San Francisco wharf. It was back in the eighties but I probably shouldn’t talk about it, still.

Things got fugly.

So the Lucky 7 Meme isn’t really an award but it’s more fun than being tagged for random bits of information. Yes, I know. I’ve been tagged repeatedly in the last month too.

Why is this better, you ask? Well…because it involves sharing seven lines of your latest work in progress.

Here’s the deal: whip out the WIP, flip to page 77, count down seven lines and then cut-and-paste the next seven into a document and share those beauteous words.

You’ve been memed, baby!

Because my head likes to argue with itself, I’ve been debating if seven lines is actually…you know, lines. Or are they seven sentences and the original Lucky 7 Memer got sloppy and inferred the meaning?

Regardless, here are my seven:

Dave shifted the column into neutral. He wedged a stout stick against the accelerator pad and struggled to brace the other end on the front of the driver’s seat. The engine roared. The throaty whine swept across the dark landscape.

Now or never.

He pushed the door open, leaned inside and shoved the shift bar down with his fingertips. The car slammed into gear, surged forward and jerked the door frame into his side. Momentum flung him to the ground. He panicked and rolled. A grinding crunch growled as the tires spun in the mud and caught. The car lurched forward.

I opted for lines (as in actual lines), though I chopped off the partial sentence at the beginning of line seven and followed through to number fourteen. I’m literal if nothing else. As happens in the formatting vortex, something has gone awry and my seven lines become nine. I stand by the fact they are seven in my WIP. So there.

Don’t forget to check out Jennifer Burke‘s Lucky 7 lines. I get to thank her for this special sort of torture. I lurk, read and wait. Publish faster, people!

In the meantime I’m about to lure more unsuspecting victims swimmers into the meme pool. This time I’m targeting the folks who try to slip by without notice…we know you’re out there lurking. I’ve tagged these writers to offer up a sampling of their wordy goodness:

~ Bridgette Booth

~ Ali Dent

~ Alica McKenna Johnson

~ Callene Rapp

~ Virginia Ripple

~ Jennifer Tanner

~ Kent Travis


The regular caveats apply. Should you choose not to participate nothing wobbly awful, amazingly stupid, or terrifyingly insipid shall happen.

But, I will be sad. *sniff sniff*

Don’t have 77 pages of a WIP ready to go? Fear not! No worries! My solution is that you offer up seven lines of whatever you’ve got. If you’ve already been memed, sorry…but you have to get these out there quick!