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2012: A Year in Review

Happy New YearI take a slow approach to most activities, planning the route, getting organized and packed, making sure I have everything I’m really going to need. Truth is, most of the time all you need is clean socks and a toothbrush.

The year in review feels a little that way. My route was planned and bags were packed, then life got in the way. That’s usually what happens, isn’t it?

Like most writers, I have a day job that often takes priority over my time. I made the choice in 2012 to make writing equally important – with mixed results. My interaction with other writers expanded, critique and weekly writing groups ate into writing time, along with all the stuff I was already doing. My already busy schedule took on sketchy new dimensions. As members of the modern world we’ve become accustomed to managing our time in incremental moments, charting our progress and celebrating our successes.

Occasionally we find ourselves on the receiving end of a noggin-knock.


The universe reminds us to re-prioritize, to re-evaluate, to double-check that our dreams are still in alignment with the master plan. Endings and beginnings, the turning of that endless cycle of new and old… these are the moments when we reflect. I’m not unhappy with how 2012 turned out – it was a blessed year in many ways. I took a few hard hits but climbed back up on my feet – an activity that involved much cursing. I met some amazing people and a few real stinkers. I mourn the passing of a good friend and always will.

A bit of burrowing back through the blog stacks allowed me to retrieve the list of things I resolved to do last year. So we’re going to see how things went:

I shall eat more soup. (check)
I shall read more books. (check)
I shall write more stories. (check)
I shall work fewer hours. (abysmal failure!)
I shall drive fewer miles. (check)
I shall query a novel. (check)
I shall spend more time with family. (check)
I shall visit with old friends. (check – just not enough old friends)
I shall indulge in more pedicures. (check – stepping this up this year)
I shall take more vacations. (abysmal failure! – this shall be remedied)
I shall donate more time. (check – plans to increase this activity)
I shall save for rainy days. (check! – unbelievable, I know)

happy faceThat was a nice round dozen resolutions – one for each month, measurable goals with concrete results. But there were yet other things to consider, so I made a second list:

I will not turn down new opportunities. (check – this gets me in trouble)
I will not listen to the naysayers. (check – cautionary notes are okay)
I will not believe in failure. (check!)
I will not wallow in the pit of despair. (briefly – but sorrow does that)
I will not reject valid criticism. (check – the humility thing needs work)
I will not make as many rude gestures. (fail! – taken to a whole new high)
I will not say so many naughty words. (fail! – taken to a whole new high)
I will not neglect what needs to be done. (check – need some parameters)
I will not procrastinate on necessary tasks. (check)
I will not ignore e-mail just because I can. (check)
I will not forget to slow down and enjoy life. (check! – refresh this order)
I will not forget my mother’s birthday. Ever. Again. (check!)

plant a seedYou’ll notice these are not goals – those happen year round and in a constant stream. As we start 2013, why not make this the year you take control of your time? Make every moment count. Life is easy – we make it complicated. Get out there and live.

Find your Happy New Year!

PS – Have a good time – be nice to each other. Love nature –  plant a tree. Stand your ground – take chances. Be safe – don’t forget to celebrate a little danger. Let’s meet back here at the end and see how it went.