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Tube-Nosed Fruit Bats

They’re cuddly and furry, can hang upside down without getting dizzy and can fly super fast. Cool beans.
These are just so frigging cute they make me want to scream, “I want one!”
I give bonus points for the lovely video – if I had a fruit bat I’d name him Solomon.
Lest you worry about their demise, yes the Santa Cruz megabat species became extinct a century or so ago.
Fortunately, their Philippine and Papua New Guinean relatives are alive and well (though diminished in numbers).
I know. I know. Anything “baby” is cute…but c’mon, baby tube-nose fruit bats take the cake! Tell me that doesn’t look like a living, breathing gargoyle prototype.
Look at that cute little face. Can’t you just hear the squeak?
What critter gets your heart all atwitter? If you could have any animal (alive, imaginary or extinct) for a pet what would you choose? What would you name it?

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