The Perfect Word

Argot. Jargon. Cant.

Argot, Jargon & Cant. Sounds like a lawfirm, eh? Just trying on words to see how much I like them. I keep thinking about a name for this blog because “blog” sounds just so…dull…so unoriginal…so mundane. And as long as I keep changing it, it really annoys the anti-friend who checks the site daily, so there’s a bonus.

Have you noticed the best words come in pairs, like matched sets? Sacred and Secular. Murder and Mayhem. Vice and Virtue. Seems like there’s a recurrent use of phonemes too.

Lingo. Parlance. Patois. There are just so many good words that describe language. I really like patois but since my midwestern twangy dipthong-dropping tongue can’t pronounce it properly, it’d be a shame to choose that one. If you can’t do it justice, don’t go there.

All right. Enough dithering. I have to go complete some work.


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