Cowboy Up

They say travel broadens your horizons. They know their business. My horizons have been expanded, increased, and exponentially enlarged. I don’t think there’s a word to describe the vistas to which I have been exposed.
Gag a cat but some people are just so ugly, and I’m not talking about phenotype either. Irony is wasted on the ignorant. I had to resort to asking people direct questions.
Did you really mean to say that out loud? I’m just asking cause I think that sentiment might be offensive to, um…every person hatched in the last millennia. Just checking.
Confirmation. They did actually intend to voice those mighty observations aloud. Shock and surprise. Give’em rope and they will a-string themselves high. I realize I lean more to the liberal, equal-opportunity side of the spectrum – but really, some things are so beyond the pale that the words just have to come out somehow. If I could manage to keep my mouth shut, they’d just ooze out my ears as puffs of word-smoke. It’s an ethnic thing.
I crack myself up sometimes.


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