Making Time

Lately I’ve spent a fair bit of time making like a bug and scuttling around several writer’s blogs. Some websites are just chock full of useful and interesting things about writing and publishing. Others make me snicker and occasionally whoop out a laugh, usually because they’re so inappropriate.

We need more inappropriate perspectives on life. They spice things up.

But it can feel like I’m reading a naughty book with someone lurking over my shoulder. That little voice keeps telling me to do other things, like write, or cook, or pay bills. Mostly I just ignore the whiny little bastard.

So my niece, who is graduating from high school, has a cow. Segue. Yes, but hang in there, it’s connected, you’ll see how in a minute. Owning an immature 1,200 pound steer would not raise eyebrows where I domicile, but she lives in a large metropolitan area. Thus inappropriate. She also has a sheep and in the past has had ducks, pigs, other sheep, the assorted feline and canine accoutrement, and who-knows-what-else.

This is what makes her snorty happy. A good thing to know.

She’s headed off to college this summer and she’s majoring in cows/pigs/ducks, the stuff that feeds her passion. Hot damn, I say. Argue all you want – do what you love and you’ll find a way to make a living. Do what you hate and you’ll find a way to die. Okay, that was pithy, but you get my point.

Don’t wait. Make those memories now.

Get on the bus and go somewhere you’ve talked about. Start crossing things off that bucket list while you can. Turn off the television and read a book, sing a song, write a poem, go for a walk, plant a tree, eat a bug, buy a cow, find Bigfoot…do something. Don’t let another minute of your life slip past.

I refuse to feel guilty about reading a blog and having a laugh instead of sweeping the floor. That dirt? It’ll still be there later, the blog might not.

It’s all about choices people.

You must choose, but choose wisely.

C’mon, that was funny!

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