Famous People I Know

Actually, I do know a few famous people. I guess how famous depends on how you define the concept (and yes I know what the dictionary has to say about this). Nobody you’re likely to know offhand, or probably care about.

Who are they? Not gonna say, but it got you to look at the post didn’t it? (cue: maniacal laughter)

In some circles, albeit small ones, I might even be considered famous. Or maybe that should be, infamous? Nevermind. My point is – you never know who’s sitting next to you at the bus stop, in line at the market, or swilling beer on the next bar stool.

Famous people abound in the most unlikely of places. You might be one of them.

What are you known for? What stories do your friends and family tell about you? Ever ask about the stories they tell when you aren’t there? How many skeletons are piled up in your closet? Who did you swap spit with all those years ago? Which naughty secrets have you never told anyone about?

Who knows your secrets? Think about it.


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