Pizza Dough Woes

Scratch another pizza dough recipe one off the list as a failure.

Climb aboard. This is the ongoing search for the perfect scratch pizza dough recipe. It’s a voyage of extreme risk, but since I’m always touting that life should be a little dangerous…so here we go again. Made a new recipe a couple nights ago. Blech.

Let me clarify: BLECH.

It’s a similar experience to picking up a book that has all the hallmarks of a good read and discovering you’ve climbed inside a slowly sinking boat. Except by then you’re far enough from shore that you might as well try and make it across the river cause either way, you’re getting wet.

I’ve made a lot of bad dough over the years. Some was reasonably good but none of it was the blue ribbon winner. I live too far outside of town to zip in and pick up a pie, take-and-bake is fine most of the time, but I really want a doable at-home solution.

I really want a flying car too, but I digress…

A tried-and-true recipe is up for tonight – guaranteed by a man who once-upon-a-time ran a pizzeria. I have renewed hope. The last effort tasted similar to tinned biscuit dough flattened into a crust. Foul. Not the crisp crust with soft squishy, yet not gushy, interior I crave. I’m astounded at how the same half dozen ingredients can produce such a vast array of diversity. I’m not opposed to variation in my flat cheesy pie – but it has to be yeasty, crusty and mouth-watering.

If need be, after this, I have another sacrificial concoction lined up for testing. Fingers are crossed. It also comes with a pizza stamp of approval from a self-proclaimed master. I’m willing to believe. Keep your collective fingers crossed because tonight I’m slinging the dough. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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