Writing Tip #3


Don’t whine, just write. Now don’t get your feelbads all hurt. Maybe I wasn’t talking about you.

Like most endeavors, writers fall into two camps: those who write and those who talk about being writers.

The first camp also gather around the campfire to blather about writing and toast marshmallows while they spout opinions, but they produce work. They write. Words spill out their fingertips onto the page. They churn it out like smooth butter.

The second camp are too busy posturing and spinning at the center of their tiny universe to write. They never seem to get around to putting instrument to paper. These people are not yet writers.

Be whichever you want – but understand that writer’s write. They produce. The rest is bullshit.

Writing is demanding. Writing is time-consuming. Writing is hard work. You enjoy a good story for a number of reasons. Those reasons are what make writing a complex, labor-intensive, head-thumping endeavor. Does it get easier? Sure. Like any muscular development, writer’s improve because they hone their craft, they tap into the creative juice (infer what you like) and they produce.

Anybody can do it.

Here’s how it works: Try it. Try again. A third time. Repeat. Again. Once more. Now put that on infinite loop and you’re on your way.

Writing is that easy.

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