Recipe Round-Up: Puff Pastry

Puff pastry should be a staple in every household. Like bacon it’s a product which needs monitoring or overindulgence is sure to occur. I was going to include puff pastry in a previous recipe post, but PP must have homage all its own. Enjoy!

savory palmiers

The lazy person might be tempted to point visitors to the recipe archive at the Pepperidge Farm website, but I opted to roll up my sleeves and test all these recipes so you would know they’re really worth making.

See the depth of sacrifice I undertake for all of you?

You can thank me later.

Stock up on PP for the holidays, because one or two packs of dough are not going to be enough.

pastry-wrapped Brie cheese

If by some dastardly chance you’ve never played with PP, now is the time.

Now, by golly!

It’s absurdly easy to work with, makes everything look insanely fancy, and is devoured by guests like a pack of hungry puppies. Holiday visitors will rhapsodize over your culinary skills, worship at your furry slippers, and bring you chocolate, wine, or flowers.

The beauty of PP is that it works equally well for savory and sweet recipes. There are a number of different brands on the market, some better than others (flavor-wise), so don’t hesitate to try a new one.

1. Chocolate Puff Pastry Bites

2. Savory Palmiers

3. Crusted Brie Round

4. Mini Quiches

5. Spinach Cheese Swirls

6. Sweet Palmiers

7. Pastry-Wrapped Chicken and Bacon

8. Zaatar Straws

9. Pastry-Wrapped Sausages

10. Quick Brisket Puffs

Puff Pastry Plum Pie

Keep in mind that virtually anything that can be wrapped with puff pastry, will be improved.

It’s as versatile as bacon and almost as tasty. Of course, it’s equally unhealthy, so indulge sparingly. Or not.

The truly daring will experiment with pastry-wrapped bacon…add some puff pastry to your holiday celebrations and live dangerously!

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  1. #1 by Jennifer Tanner on December 17, 2011 - 10:54 am

    Oh, thanks, Lesann! After drooling at those pics, I'm tempted to open the fridge and plunder the cheese and salami I've already bought for Christmas. Puff pastry is marvelous. Even better if you buy it. I can't imagine making it from scratch. That's probably something they force pastry chefs to do in culinary school. I use it as a topper for chicken pot pie. Saves me from rolling out the biscuit or pie dough. My mom makes curry puffs with it. Wrapped in brie. Absolute killer.

    • #2 by Leslie on December 18, 2011 - 10:03 pm

      I don’t think it’s possible to make something inedible by wrapping it in flaky pastry dough. If only it was healthy and calorie-free!

  2. #3 by Tameri Etherton on December 17, 2011 - 1:42 pm

    Om nom nom! Ooooh, all of these look delicious. Must. Try. Them. All.Brie is my all-time favorite puff pasty recipe, with some honey and pecans, yum. I've never tried it as a topper for chicken pot pie, but Jennifer's got me thinking that would be fabulous.Thanks for all the great recipes. Of course, this time of year there will be plenty of reasons to make them and share with guests, but after January 1st, I get to make them for me, all for me!

    • #4 by Leslie on December 18, 2011 - 10:04 pm

      I know what you mean…it’s mine, MINE…all mine. If only the repercussions weren’t so dire. Someone needs to figure out how to exercise while we sleep and then we could burn off all those extra calories during REM!

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