Extreme Ironing – is it for you?

Courtesy of Theredrocket at en.wikipedia

(Reposted blog entry – internet goblins highjacked it the first time).

I hadn’t heard of Extreme Ironing until recently. In the event you are also in the dark about this activity, the idea is simple. Folks grab their ironing board and head off for a remote locale…and iron.

Yep. Iron. Press fabric. Maybe push out a little steam.

It’s performance art mixed with endurance test. I confess to being equal parts puzzled and amused by this extreme sport. You read that correctly…it’s considered an athletic challenge.

Check it out! This action-based domestic act has a wikipedia entry. I guess that makes it official? Here’s a link for the Extreme Ironing Bureau with lots of pictures, including some which are underwater. Ingenious! I guess this is a cold-ironing sport.

You can blame the English for this new craze but don’t get too loud in laughing or snorting because Extreme Ironing has found fertile ground in North America. Next thing you know, teenagers will be asking for ironing boards. It could happen. Incidently, just in case you might like to attend, there’s a National Championship event too. Our German friends are quite enthusiastic about the sport.

Extreme Cello Playing

If that isn’t enough to knock your head out of alignment…check out these musical rebels: Extreme Cello Playing.

What next? Have you heard of something that missed my radar? Do you want to confess to a little ironing-on-the-move? Leave a comment and share the news – how else will we track pop culture?

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