Shaking Off the Dust

Okay. I admit it…I’ve been lollygagging for the last week or two. I let my regular posting schedule fall off the wagon. Things are a bit hectic. Summer hiatus is winding down. School is back in session. I’m trying to organize some short stories into a collection for publishing and discovered my working title is vastly overworked (having been used in a variety of ways too may times already). Finding a new one was like diving down the rabbit hole but I finally succeeded.

So…my excuse is that I’ve been distracted.

Fall is shaping up to be a whale-sized challenge in terms of work and I’ve done nothing to prepare. Tomorrow is deadline for scraping together all my random thoughts and getting started. Time to start shoving everything into workable formats for student consumption.

The weather is changing. Chilly nights finally provoked us into completing the installation for our Charter Oak Wood Stove. She’s fired up! Heat is good but wood burns fast. At least the cloudy days and autumn leaves increase my energy. The lethargy of summer gets shrugged off and I feel productive again. Good thing, too. 

I’ll leave you with a little visual happiness courtesy of Dancing Matt. If we all danced together, the world could only be a better place.


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