Dangerous Activity – Making a Ping Pong Pistol

We celebrate a little danger here at ye olde blogge. Firearms usually get us excited, especially when they’re created from simple objects we happen to have stuffed in the closet and cupboard.

Of course “danger” can be interpreted in any number of ways, but should you be in the market for something that goes kapop, click on the link below. As always, what you do in your own house is your liability…I’m just sharing internet gold.

Here are some written instructions, if you really need the detailed steps. Okay, so I felt a little badly about the bear getting it, but if that wasn’t interesting enough to get you digging for the duct tape and paper towel holder, you might find this physics lesson more to your liking:

As if I don’t have enough distractions…now I feel compelled to make aerosol guns and shoot ping pong trajectories around the house. What do you think? Too dangerous? Too fun? Give it a shot and report back!

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