Drilling the Squash

A rainbow of squashy goodness.

There are endless methods for carving pumpkins into creative and fun expressions for the season but this year I’m quite taken with drilled squash. This idea has been around for quite some time. Recently I’ve found several tutorials (not that the process is difficult, but they have very pretty pictures).

If you want to muck up the drill, fling pumpkin juice, and have a blast – check out this post at the Crafty Nest. Not only are the jack-o-lanterns very striking but these folks have a tricky design for a floral centerpiece using the same idea. Nice!

Nifty aren’t they?

I also liked this post over at 17 Apart because they scrape the pumpkin thin and use the innards for tasty treats while getting the benefit of the same visual. Check out the evening photos at the bottom of the page. The pumpkins glow like pretty little lanterns on the entry steps.

Power tools and pumpkins – this is living!

If that doesn’t provide you with enough instructions, you can thank the nice people over at Better Homes & Gardens for this slick instructional video:

On some chilly night, drill a pumpkin or two, tuck a tea-lite inside and enjoy some autumnal ambience. Before you know it the doorbell will ring and trick-or-treat demands will echo on the street. All Hallows Eve approaches and we want to be ready, right?

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