An Illustrated Journey

The first of April seems a risky day to post anything of too dramatic a nature. Somebody might not believe me, right? So instead of the typical post, I submit for your viewing pleasure, this illustrative essay of a journey once taken:

Back in the day, when Nagel art was big:

Nagel art was big

I got asked on a New Year’s Eve date:


And drove a long way to a special place:

the beach from hell

Where we did some stuff:

as if... giggle

And then slept for a while:

sweet repose... NOT

And ate a few things:

tasty seafood feast

Before we encountered a gigantic sea monster:

big ass sea monster

Who turned out to just be thirsty:

have another drink

So we rang in the New Year with a new friend.

ringing in the New Year

Yes, the 1980s were good to me. Didn’t everybody party on the beach with musicians and sea monsters? On this first day of April, I hope everything in your life is as you want it to be – and if it isn’t… make shit up.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to believe, isn’t it?



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