Baseball: the National Pastime

baseball and the national archivesGuess what?

Yes, I’m still wallowing in the National Archives. I’d move in if they’d let me. Here’s a fun FREE book about America’s national pastime: Baseball. The folks who work in the National Archives get to poke through billions of documents and then figure out how to make interesting stuff available to us. Lucky them.

I’ve already offered the links to The Meaning and Making of Emancipation and Exploring the U.S. Constitution, so baseball seemed like a nice change. Something a little more active and a little less heavy.

This book tells the story of our national pastime through documents, photographs, audio, video, and other records preserved at the National Archives. It covers of the role of baseball during both world wars, contract disputes, civil rights, equal access and opportunity on and off the playing field, the steroids era, the universal appeal of the game to players and fans, Presidential involvement, improvements to the sport, Little League, Spring Training, Opening Day, and celebrations along the way.

Personally, I’m not really into baseball, but even I’m sensing there is a lot of historical  context wrapped around this activity – so I’ll be checking it out. C’mon, come read with me…

Get your FREE copy today for your favorite reading device:

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