Are you missing an opportunity?

tedWriters are oft instructed – by those who profess to know – that we must brand ourselves for the reading audience. In truth, the practical aspects of doing this continues to elude me, but I found this video insightful because it made sense. Concrete examples of that “aha!” moment. And it has pictures. I like pictures.

Missed opportunities surround us. I think most of us are savvy enough to grasp that – it’s the identifying and making use of the chances that are so easily missed. Maybe creating a clever 404 page won’t add significantly to your brand, but it’s a good lesson in taking a fresh look at the mundane parts of our virtual identities. If I can figure out how to tweak mine – it might be worth a laugh.

There is a bigger lesson to consider in this issue. What else have we become so accustomed to viewing that we no longer see? What things not-found are right under our nose? Let’s look.

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