Proportion & Grace

Some visuals cannot be appreciated with equal value. In part, I believe this is due to our aesthetic preferences, but sometimes it simply has to do with the amount of grace afforded by specific anatomical proportions. Take the examples below. Each photo represents an animal in motion but the visual impact produces somewhat different results – at least for me. Some species have innate grace… others, well, maybe not so much. I’ve learned that when I need to shake things up in a storyline that selecting a visual prompt of something out of sync with the story (usually the more ludicrous, the better) is sure to rattle loose new inspiration.

Image courtesy of Piotr Wojtkowski

Image 2 also courtesy of X Posid

Image courtesy of X Posid

What do you think – is it the inherent lack of grace that differentiates these species or the relative proportions of musculature and movement? *head tilt* I’d never noticed that when sheep run, they look like they’re hopping.

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