The Resolutions Post

Courtesy of MensaticI like making resolutions for the New Year because it causes me to be more mindful about what I liked and didn’t like during the experiences of the previous year. Normally I compare last year’s goals with the end-result but I think I flaked and didn’t make a list last year. Not a good sign because it reflects the reality of why I need to meet my first goal from #2016goals this next year.


I really have a problem with this and since I transitioned to working from home I have trouble shutting it down. I find myself working seven days a week even when I don’t have to. So that’s priority number one.


I have four finished novels sitting on my desktop and at least two novellas and a handful of what I call long short stories. They’re done but I need to write all the copy that goes with blurbs and back covers, etc. I hate marketing. Hate it. But, that’s on the list too.


These aren’t necessarily big globe-trotting kinds of adventures but I resolve to get the family outside the four sturdy walls which form our homestead.


We’re already pretty thrifty and frugal, hip with the recycling of multiple things, but this year I’m upping the ante with upcycled clothing and lots of made-from-scratch products. I messed around with some of these ideas last year and ruled out a few products that I’ve decided are better being purchased than produced. Overall, this means more gardening, more sewing, more creative re-creating of fashionable stuff, and more home-cooked meals.


Like everyone else, we postpone things in favor of ‘better’ weather or schedules or opportunities. No more. Time seems more fleeting to me than it once did. I’m spending more time away from work and distractions like social media and the internet in general – and more time with family and friends.

Do you make plans for the New Year? Are affirmations or reflections your thing? What’s on your agenda for 2016?

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