We need a library for trying things…

Always on the lookout for interesting things for my kid, I stumbled across some silly products that caught my eye. They might not be exactly durable but the ideas were fun and I’d like to give them a try. I wish there was a library of stuff where we could check out samples and give them a go – see what it’s like to play with them so we don’t wind up with buyer’s remorse.

#1 on my list is the STAR PROJECTOR which projects a star field on the ceiling. Would be nice if it showed some recognizable constellations but just the pinpricks of light are pretty cool.

#2 is the 3D DOODLE PEN. This is nifty – assuming it works like it shows in the video – but I can envision piles of squiggles and loops of stretched out ink-stuff. Still, it might be fun to give it a whirl.

#3 is this video of a strange substance called Plastimake. While this has some potential for repairing broken oddments, I can see the fun in just making weird monsters and anthropomorphic beasties to decorate the desk. Check out the video:

Do you ever stumble across things that make you wonder what it would be like to try them out?


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