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Cover Reveal – A Scattering of Bones

A Scattering of BonesIt’s almost ready!

I’m excited to reveal the cover for the next installment of Rose & Savio’s adventures. A Scattering of Bones picks up shortly after the events in Ambushing the Vigilante when the couple reunites in the desolate landscape of Nevada ranchlands.

Want to know more?

Reeling from the destruction of a pioneer grave, a sensitive archaeological and historic site she’s been taxed with protecting,  Rose Brashear is stunned by the unexpected re-appearance of sexy ex-soldier, Savio Mendes. Despite his resolve to resist her allure, when the tracking device he planted in Rose’s car comes to a halt in Nevada, Savio finds he is compelled to follow his powerful attraction. Back in the saddle, and trying to maintain an uneasy alliance with the local Sheriff, the reunited lovers set out to investigate grave robbing while eluding curious FBI agents.

Keep an eye open for the novel release announcement this Spring!

Read an excerpt:

Rose took a deep breath and exited the truck.
Savio grasped her by the elbow as they strode toward the four stairs leading up to the double doors. 
“Stop that,” she slapped at his fingers, “I look like a bounty you’re bringing in.”
Amused by her complaint, he asked, “Would you rather hold hands?”
“Yes.” She reached down and grabbed his hand, held it tight.
White teeth flashed again and he squeezed her fingers.
She studied his profile with suspicion. “Aren’t you at all concerned law enforcement will figure out you’re a fugitive?”
He shrugged. “But I am not a fugitive. Even if they believed I was, a simple records review resolves the matter.”
“So, you’re that important?”
He gave her an appraising stare. “Not at all. I am expendable, but when necessary, my employer can apply pressure to ensure my release, so long as I do not do something too atrocious.”
She tightened her grip. “Define too atrocious.”
He slanted an amused leer at her. “Later.”


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