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Read & Review @ Story Cartel

Alternate Endings HomeIf you’re in the mood to read some speculative fiction, I have the perfect deal for you! My short story collection, Alternate Endings is available as a FREE download over at Story Cartel.

All you have to do is sign-up with your email, download the book, and leave an honest review at the outlet of your choice. I guess you could download the book, read it, and not leave a review – it isn’t like the goon squad is going to run around knocking on doors, is it?

FREE book alert!

This is a sweet opportunity to check out some stories featuring alternate history and alien invasion. If those aren’t your favorite flavor, there are also apocalyptic events, mythological creatures, and even some DNA run amok.

Something for everyone. Maybe.dinosaur

Oh, and there are dinosaurs! If that doesn’t get you interested, maybe the djinn or the ghosts will? Then how about some steampunky noir or time travel?

As one reviewer said, “You’ll like it! Give it a shot!

arrowI sure hope so… but get on it because this FREE deal at Story Cartel has a deadline and the clock is ticking. *tick-tock-tick-tock* Incidentally, you can read lots of other free books at Story Cartel. Start with mine. 🙂


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