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How do you Squelch the Blues?

Everybody has something that cheers them up.

We all have our preferred methods of releasing steam. I know folks who pull out the gun and go target shooting, others who strike punching bags, some who drink a bucket of booze, and still others who slip on the running shoes and book it like Michael Meyers is at their back.

I write angry haiku. It makes me feel better. If that isn’t enough, I compose nasty limericks. As a last resort I turn Dr. Seuss stories into tales of horror.
To each their own.
Don’t judge.
In the extreme cases when none of those things work, I go somewhere. A change of scene, an alteration to the normally scheduled madness that is modern life, can soothe the disgruntled inner beast. Loud music helps too.

How do you decompress? What helps you kick the grumpies under the bus? Have a solution to share with the crowd? Inquiring minds want to know…
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