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Aeroplaning North

Segment 1: DFW to LAX
I depart Texas with no additional baggage in tow. I bought nada on this trip – insane considering where I went and what I did. There just isn’t enough good traditional art being made these days. I did manage to squeeze in a visit to a great visiting exhibit at the Dallas Art Museum. Many of the actual pieces I’ve shown for years in slides and presented in books. Flight was great, smooth and an entire row to meself (see previous explanation for the benefits inherit in such).
Two hour layover in a place with NO coffee and (rude finger gesture) wifi that does NOT work. Egads!
Segment 2: LAX to SFO
Alert readers will note my point of return was not the same as my point of departure last week. Hiatus. I stopped off to recover my previously abandoned vehicle and transport poor neglected beastie home for a visit before I return to the work-a-day world in earnest come the end of the month.
This is what happens when you live and work in different states. It sucks sea-turtle toes. Salty ones.

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