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I’m a Kreativ Blogger…are You?

The word is official.

I have it on the authority of DEBBIE JOHANSSON over in Australia, that I am a Kreativ Blogger. Look around, that’s me being crafty. Give me a glue stick and some sequins and we’ll sparkle baby. Yee-haw.


Anyways…the standard ramble is offer up ten bits of randomness about yourself (again!!) and then pass along the award to six deserving bloggers. I’m fresh out of odd facts to share so I’m taking the theme approach and going with favorites. Take a big breath. Here we go!

#1 My favorite color is green.

(Mostly the weird shades like moss and lichen.)

#2 My favorite childhood book was Harold and Purple Crayon.

(Awesome jammies and purple crayons!)

#3 My favorite alcoholic drink is bourbon infused eggnog.

(I know this is totally disgusting – try it!)

#4 My favorite B-movie is Bubba-Ho-Tep.

(Don’t watch this without proper preparation.)

#5 My favorite historical figure is the much-maligned Ghenghis Khan.

(My current fave is about to be dethroned by Vlad the Impaler.)

#6 My favorite author when I need comforting is Edgar Allen Poe.

(I guess that says something about the state of my psyche?)

#7 My favorite middle-of-the-night snack is ramen.

(Ramen is NOT just for college students.)

#8 My favorite place to write longhand is in a composition book.

(Wide ruled is also NOT just for college students.)

#9 My favorite time of day is the hour before dawn.

(This is especially true in summer when the songbirds sing the sun up.)

#10 My favorite candy bar is a plain old fashioned Hershey’s.

(Although I have developed quite a taste for chocolate infused with chili pepper.)

Now you know a little more about me and it’s time to tag award six more Kreativ Bloggers. As usual I’ve tried to select recipients who don’t appear to have already received this particular award. If you got marked, feel free to ignore the honor. Pretend it never happened. Likewise, if you see the award, think it’s pretty and pine for it…go ahead. I think you’re Kreativ too.

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Please visit these incredibly talented ladies! They’ll be waiting. You can expect to do some dancing and laugh a little, but don’t forget to slow down and savor a cup of hot tea while you appreciate some great content cause these woman rock the blog…and you’ll probably find at least one loaded bedazzler.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.