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End of Summer Feast

carribbeanThis is my last free weekend for a while. A long while. Too long…but that’s another post.

It’s also the last gasp of summer. To be honest, we’ve not had much in the way of heat in the Pacific Northwest this year and I like it. But we’ll pretend it’s been terrible steamy and go with the flow. Let’s pull the stops out and make this a weekend to indulge, Carribbean style. Throw open the windows and fire up the grill. Get those coals glowing and prepare a feast fit for dancing on the beach. There’s nothing like the smell of spice and fruit and flame to bring the islands into your living room. Throw on a little Bob Marley music and it’s like you’re almost there

1. Jamaican Jerk Rub
2. Chicken Kabobs
3. Mango Fruit Relish
4. Carribbean Summer Salad
5. Mango Margaritas

Grab those last rays of sunshine, take the old flipflops out for one last scuffle around the park, and get ready to hunker down for the autumn chill. If summer eluded your busy schedule, an emergency weekend in Maui might be calling your name…

blue question markHow did you enjoy your last sliver of summer? Can you squeeze in one final adventure before the crisp air turns the leaves into a red and gold parade? Are you sporting the final sunburn of a summer well-enjoyed?

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