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The Century Mark

century markI interrupt this week’s regular blog schedule for this brief announcement. The spirit shook me and said “do it”, so I done it. Ye Olde Blogge has hit the century mark. This is my 100th blogpost. Woohoo!

This strikes me as worthy of celebration because blogging was not a journey I intended to undertake. And any excuse for a parade is good…not that I’m expecting a parade. In fact I don’t like parades. I lived in a small town for a number of years that held a parade at the drop of a hat. Since I lived one narrow block off the main route through the downtown – I got to vicariously participate even if I didn’t want to.

That happens to me. I say: “No, not me. Won’t happen.” Next thing you know, there I am. That’s me in the picture. Yes, the one with the scowl. Blogging has been fun. I hope to feel equally content after the next 100, and I hope you’re still dropping by to check in.

Have a spiffy day. Treat yourself to something good. We’re celebrating after all. *wink wink*