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Get Your Garden On

Spring and summer were late this year. That explains why the blueberries are just getting ripe and it’s the end of July. Wow. The blackberries are so late this year that the local bear population is desperate for food. One already wandered into the nearest town in search of victuals. 

Someday I will have a yard that looks like this…and the Emperor of the Universe will bow at my feet and I’ll suddenly sprout wings and fly. Nevermind. In the spirit of growing things I offer up a series of links for gardening inspiration. My yard has nothing like any of these things. I grow deer and gophers. I’m good at that. I used to be able to grow plants but there’s no point when the furry ones just eat everything.

I’ve heard rumors that it’s possible to control deer. I don’t believe it – I believe Gary Larson. He knew his stuff. Drool, moan, conspire to dream. I do.

1. Longwood Gardens

2. Dreamy Lavender Fields

3. Pooktre Tree Shapers

4. One-Pot Vegetable Garden

5. Green Roofs

What are your gardening fantasies? Have any nightmares to share? Who’s garden would you like to transplant in your own yard?

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