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The Days Go Too Fast

Almost five years ago we brought our son home for the holidays. He was born a few weeks early and stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for many days after mom went home. That was hard.

I’ll never forget the atmosphere of the NICU. The oxygen-saturated room, filled with beeping equipment and flashing lights, was scented with the chemical odor of medicines and babies. We were lucky compared to other families. Some children were destined never to leave that room.

Our son came home after three weeks and a few days later we traveled 800 miles north to our new home in Washington state.

This has been the swiftest five years of my life.

I worry how fast the next five will pass. There are days I dread getting in the car or boarding a plane and heading off to work, because it’s one-more-day I miss with him. Our time is so limited and every moment precious.

You know that, don’t you?

For his birthday this year, he wanted a doctor’s outfit. He loves to play dress-up and with his fireman outfit, police uniform, construction hardhat, and soldier gear – we have a fair amount of emergencies. His imagination is amazing. Now I expect ambulances will be whizzing in and out of the driveway as patients are brought in for treatment.

Sitting on Santa’s lap he announced he’d like to have a “real crane, very big” and spread his hands as far apart as he could reach. That’s a tough order, but maybe St. Nick will come through. I hope so ’cause I’d like to see the look on his face.

Which memory of your child do you most treasure? Have a special moment from childhood, back when you were kicking around the sandbox, to share? Do you still lament a lost toy, recall your favorite storybook, or bemoan the tattered blankie?

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