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Getting My Sunshine On

Blogging is a little like standing at the mouth of a cavern and shouting into the darkness.

Most of the time nothing happens.

You hear the echo of your voice dopplering away until it sputters into dust. Except when a warm body stumbles over and feels compelled to say something.  Good or bad, comments let you know someone is down there in the stygian gloom, spelunking. Or doing something more dire. Who really knows?

I’ve been blogging just about a year. I hadn’t planned to blog, it just happened. There are a surprising number of options to explore. How often should you post? What subjects should you write about? Does it matter to anybody?

At first I tried posting 5x a week but it’s a lot for readers to keep up with and drains a fair amount of time from my schedule. So, I dropped back to 3x a week. Then additional posts popped up like toadstools on the forest floor and the frequency of my offerings crept back up. I’ve considered posting new blog content only twice a week because I visit a lot of other blogs and get backed up…then I think of the handful of blogs I really like to visit and check almost daily for new material.

I can’t decide. Life is filled with such dilemmas.

Material is not difficult, I’m always jabbering about something. Whether or not my content has any interest to the visiting public is another question. I enjoy my delusions. Let’s leave it at that, thanks.

On a blog-related note, I’ve been awarded the Sunshine Award. Thanks to Alica Mckenna Johnson, some of you happy folks are about to get some sunshine too. This nifty cool badge is offered to blogs that inspire positivity and creativity in the blogosphere.

Woohoo! Yay me!

I tried to find the origin of this award and failed. There are also numerous variants on what you’re supposed to do, so I’ve modified a tad and included seven of my favorite things:

My Favorite Color is:

Most any shade of green.

My Favorite Animal is:

Woolly Mammoth. Oh yeah. 

My Favorite Number is:

Four is a good fit.

My Favorite Flower is:

Just one? Carnations.

My Favorite Beverage is:

Water, mostly with coffee

My Favorite Passion is:

Beads and antiquities, which are sometimes the same thing. 

My Favorite Time of Day is:

Super early in the morning – or especially late at night.


If you’d like to play, consider yourself tagged. Imagine Darth Vader’s voice demanding information. Don’t forget to swipe the badge. Post, link and share. Everything should be so easy.

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