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Listen to Didgeridoos

didgeridooPlaying the didgeridoo requires advanced breath control, something musicians call circular breathing. Most wind instruments require disciplined breath control and didgeridoos are no different. Like many indigenous instrument, outsiders often decry the complexity of sound production that is produced from unfamiliar instruments. Like my friend who is an experienced player explains, anyone can blow a breath through a didgeridoo and make fart sounds but it’s a bit harder to make actual music. Didgeridoo Fusion is a popularized format of traditional sound in modern melody – check out the last link for a sample.

Listen to these experts:

Larry Gurruwiwi

Didgeridoo Meets Orchestra

David Blanasi

William Barton

question markWith a big wide world of instruments, do you ever explore the unfamiliar rhythms and sounds of other people? Got a favorite one to share? Pop a link in the comments so we can check it out.

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