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Relish a Little Blood Orange on that?

The first evidence of spring has finally appeared. Tiny pink and yellow daisies are pushing up from the chilly ground. The grass is growing. Tree frogs cling to twigs from which leafy green curls erupt into leaves.

Time for some colorful food!

After months of clouds and snow and rain, I’m ready for some citrus, a burst of color on the tongue and on the plate. Since I’m still in a bit of an off-mood I thought we’d go for something with a little violence.

Blood Orange Relish is on the menu today. This is a quick recipe that can be sauced up and dolloped over grilled chicken, lain atop seared halibut or tuna, and even dribbled across lambshanks. The yummy fresh goodness doesn’t stop there…

This zingy delight can be layered over ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt, or even tucked under a mound of freshly whipped cream, some tangy thick yogurt, or a sheet of puff pastry. Just think what you could do with some pie crust folded into tiny tartlets and a little glaze. Of course this can be adjusted to fit just about any flavor palate. Enjoy!

Blood Orange Relish 

1 small red onion
(finely chopped)
4 blood oranges
(rind and pith removed, cut into bite-sized chunks)
2 navel oranges
(rind and pith removed, cut into bite-sized chunks)

Add a dozen (or so) heavy black olives, Kalamata preferred, pitted and chopped.
Add a sprinkle of salt and black pepper.
Add 1/4 tsp sugar, cinnamon, and smoky paprika.
Add a few finely sliced fresh mint leaves, if you dare.

The relish is always better if you make it an hour or so ahead of time and let it rest so the flavors blend and the juices flow. You can add just about anything fruity and it’s wonderful, pomegranate seeds, dried dates and edible flowers make a lovely rich presentation.

I prefer to serve the relish over chicken as an entrée and add the typical bread, salad and cheese plates – but some people like the blood orange relish sprinkled over greens as a salad. Weirdos.

If you have an alternate use for blood oranges, please share.

Don’t do anything dastardly like mixing them in with cranberries, that’s just…wrong. Have a preferred recipe to welcome springtime or kick off the beginnings of the grilling season? Have any angry or violent recipes to offer up?

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