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Happy Stubborn New Year

goodbyeI’ve decided to pull the plug. After three years and much waffling, I’ve decided to give up blogging – at least I’m no longer going to do it the way all the “experts” keep touting. Like most folks in today’s world, I’ve got a lot going on and let’s face it, I don’t always have anything of value to say or share. Sometimes, I don’t care about the quality and just tell you anyhow. Oddly, you seem to like that.

new year

I’ll continue to post regularly, in fact I might even post more often, I just won’t be trying to orchestrate a complex tapestry of content anymore. No more trying to implement the suggestions from SEO strategists. No more trying to lure in readers with content that might carry across to book sales. No more “valuable” content that sucks in surfers and tries to convince them to “like” something. No more. I simply don’t have the time and frankly, I’m unconvinced it makes any difference or really matters.

The majority of people who read my blog are writers – and most certainly they are readers too – but we didn’t get to know each other because we were reading each other’s writing. We climbed aboard this giant webspinner ride because we had a common interest in writing.

down thumbThe pundits suggest writers shouldn’t talk about writing.

That’s weird and wrong, considering that’s a topic which interests me. I suspect it interests you too. Actually, I know it does because some of the posts that continue to get the most traffic on my site are often about writing. Not exclusively though, visitors also like the Mutter Museum, Cryptozoology, and my Charter Oak Stove. And why shouldn’t they? Medical oddities, crazy people looking for monsters, and woodburning appliances are nifty, after all. Which works out for both of us because those are things I like too.

So, by default the blog defines itself and I think it’s time to listen. There are only so many hours in a day and so many years of life we’re granted. Screw the rules – they’re more like guidelines anyway (remember Captain Barbossa?). Do it your way.

Here’s a song to commemorate the idea:

You can’t go wrong with a little Frank. Sayonara 2013! I wish you an excellent 2014 – will you make a stubborn stand and do it your way? C’mon, it’ll be fun.

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