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Does this thing still work… ?

So, it’s been a minute since I posted anything of note. Okay, maybe longer than a minute. Life happens. And some death. Which just means I’ve been busy with other things, not all of them great.

But, that’s reality.

Today I’m clearing out the cobwebs in anticipation of using this space on a semi-regular basis. I know, shocking. I haven’t written much in the last four years but stories have been percolating. Apparently the timer has gone off because in the last two weeks I’ve written 50K. The floodgates are open.

That also means there is finally movement with the sluggish backlog of ready-to-release novels, novellas, and story collections languishing on my hard drive. For that handful of incredibly patient readers who have offered encouragement and requested updates, these are for you.

~ Les


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