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Writing Update – Taking the Stairs

This week felt a bit like trying to climb that staircase. Ups and downs. Again and again. 

On the writing front, things are all good: wordcount is up, ideas are percolating, and fun stuff brews like stormclouds on the horizon. At the same time, a workshop I’m participating with has disappointed: good ideas with poor execution, not enough weekly direction, and disorganized delivery without take-away content to balance the echo of money dribbling down the drain. 

I’m bummed. 

Oh well – bad experiences just make the good ones stand out, right? Which brings me to another point…strangers can sometimes make your day. For all the lovely passengers and employees on the Coast Starlight this week – y’all rock!

In regard to my three actual goals for Row80:

1. Edit five chapters a week in Novel #1.

I’ve lost track of how many chapters I’ve finished, but am definately ahead of the mark. I’ve got sample chapters strewn across three states, so part of my goal this week is to get them all in one place and better organized.

2. Research and list one potential query source a week.

This is SO much more time consuming than I ever realized, mostly because I’m really trying to pinpoint potential query sources that are a good fit. In one sense this was a failure because I didn’t identify a new source, but a success in that I rejected three that I thought would be potentially good.

3. Read one book a week on writing craft.

I jumped ship on reading a craft book and instead surfed the net for information about structuring, discovering a handful of amazing resources. As much as I enjoy being part of a workshop, sometimes the very best advice and examples are found on the website of authors who detail their personal process. Even if their method doesn’t work for my mental adventures, it often helps me figure out more of how/why I work the words the way I do. Nifty that.

All in all, a good week.

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