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Writing Update – Frankenscript Lives!

Remember when slasher meant threatening someone with a butcher knife?

During the last week I’ve concentrated on editing manuscript #1. Just call me the Slasher. This puppy has been in play a long time, too long it feels like. The final edit process has been painful and cathartic, but is producing a tighter story than I thought possible (once upon a time). Soon it’ll be ready to send out to a last round of beta-readers. After that…I guess it’ll be time to shop it around.

That seems weird almost, considering how long this pile of paper has been languishing in various formats. I’ve cut and reworked so much of this novel, inserting characters, cutting arcs, removing story threads…and then stitching and sewing the bits back together that it earned the nickname Frankenscript. Trying to smoothe all those scars into the surrounding tissue is difficult.

I’m not quite done, but it’s sooo close.

No forward momentum on potential query-recipients, but I did read some more about writing craft, attended two workshops, and wrote somewhere in the neighborhood of 5K this week. A good haul.

How goes your voyage? Taking on water? Bailing like mad? …or is it clear sailing toward the horizon? I think that’s enough of the maritime metaphors. Savvy?

I must be tired.