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Writing Update – Plowing the Field

I am plowing through, baby!

Too many details to go into, but this week was a whopper. I’ve churned out the work in all directions. I’ve been editing, writing, negotiating, and picking the brains of other writers for useful bits of information. You might be next on the list. This week wasn’t all gravy, but the up definately outweighs the down.

In terms of actual Row80 goals:

All three met.

(Click here for a refresher on my goals.)

In other aspects of my life – good news on all fronts and I’m happy to take even miniscule positive flow. The smelt are shoaling in the river, an activity that attracts birds by the thousands. We’ve counted dozens of bald eagles over the last week and nearly got side-swiped by one on the way to school. You never appreciate how large they are until they get up close and personal…

Hope your Row80 goals are chugging along like the little engine that could!