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When Inspiration Attacks

crocodileI’d wager the first thing you thought when you saw this picture wasn’t to wonder what species of water fern is growing in the background. Some images evoke potent reactions. My central nervous system, excited by some primordial instinctive reaction,  recognized two things:
1. That is one big ass predatory crocodile.
2. Humans and crocodiles are not meant to inhabit the same water. 

We all  have our triggers. I get all gooey about babies, especially the fresh brand new ones. Sure, I have various irritability prompts too, but the point is – we react to visual stimulation. In fact, upon viewing the croc, my legs went weak. A literal physiological response to a powerful sight. 

Photographers strive to capture the perfect moment to produce a stimulus in much the same way writers search for the one perfect word to provoke an image. Artists work at the same business. Visual literacy contributes strongly to our comprehension of ideas and fear is a powerful motivator. As writers we manipulate worries and concerns to provoke ideas and sensations in our readers. This is both fun and sadistic.

Here are a few inspiring links for the weekend. Enjoy!

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5. Double Exposure Portraits

blue question markWhat do images evoke for you? How do visuals inspire your work? Do you write what you see?

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