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Writing Update – Me Crush Adverbs

How DO those adverbs get in there?

It’s not me. I used to blame the Adverb Faeries, but since I’ve pretty much eradicated every nest in my part of the neighborhood, I think something more insidious is at work, like gnomes or eldritch phantoms. Something.

Writing is going good. Lots of words, some of them even strung together into meaningful sentences that will remain uncut when the editing mower rolls through. A couple of potential query options – one promising lead which fell flat when I discovered the agency doesn’t even represent what I write. Pointless, that.

I keep catching myself thinking about the new JK Rowling tome hovering on the horizon. I plan to enjoy it even if it’s a packet of dodo droppings…which it won’t be because the woman knows how to tell a good story. I like having something to anticipate.

The edit on Novel #1 is screaming along like Bruce Willis is behind the wheel. That’s good. I like speed editing. The scent of jettisoned words smells a lot like burnt rubber but I’m closing in on the end of the story. The stickiest parts are ahead but I’m ready. Dagnabbit. What does that mean anyways?

Row on wordy peeps! How’d your weekly joust with the manuscript demons go? Knock ’em flat or end up with the little devils inside your head?

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