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We Aim to Build a Greenhouse

Lovely cottage greenhouse made of recycled windows.

I’ve been wanting a greenhouse for years. I’d like to have a conservatory but since that’s not likely to happen. I’ll settle for a quaint little structure made from salvaged materials.

All the helpful information I’ve read suggests larger is better when it comes to greenhouses. Probably. Even so, we’re starting small. I’m not sure how much I’ll actually use it because anything started inside has to move outside at some point and then the deer will dine.

Four of them are lined up outside right now eyeing the flowers on the deck, just waiting for me to go get a cup of coffee. You think I’m kidding. These are ninja ungulates – stealthy and sneaky. Yes, the deer are cute…until they move in and set up house under the evergreens and stare through your windows.

The perfect petite potting shed.

I hope the lack of opposable thumbs will halt the infiltration. The zucchini depend on our clever design. So we’ve collected a bunch of old windows. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just hold in some heat. The outbuildings we’re building beside are rustic, so the slapdash sort of approach will fit right into the landscape.

Things seem to be growing well outside the greenhouse too.

Share and tell time.

Have any experience with glass house green-thumbery? Whip out the pictures. Include the links. Make some comments or suggestions, warnings or concerns. Aren’t these the cutest?

I think I really just want a cottage in the woods.

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