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Visit me at Romance University

Romance-UniversityI hope you’ll drop by Romance University today and share your ideas. Today I’m the featured guest blogger and we’re talking about the tools in your writer’s toolbox. We all have them but we don’t always select the right one. Push your boundaries a little. Stretch your comfort zone.

Try something new.

We’re going to explore some daring ideas. Nothing too extreme, just breaking out some of those tools we seldom use. The idea is to flip your manuscript and see it from a brand new point of view. Maybe you’re trying to tell the story with the wrong voice? Perhaps you should be looking at your imaginary world through a different set of eyes? Does the authority in your work fall flat?

Let’s talk. C’mon over the interwebs and weigh in. Still not convinced? Okay, here’s the big gun. We’re waiting… with coffee. Okay, maybe wine too. Definitely chocolate. It’s just so simple, click HERE.

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