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The Reclining Giant

I want this for my yard. Can’t you just imagine the fun parties? Not just for the kids either…check out the strategically located table under the knees. During the holidays last December my son received the gift of Legos. Guess who played with them for hours and hours? Yep…the adults. I can just imagine the silly behavior (and injuries for us older folks), that would occur around this playground man. I don’t remember where I ran across this photo but I saved it since I liked it so much. If anyone recognizes the location, do share.

When was the last time you stopped to play? How long has it been since you slid down the slide, took a glide on a swing, or balanced on a bar?

Get going…there’s still daylight.

PS – if this seems like deja vu, I accidentally published this last week…you’re such an alert viewer, you caught it! Extra snaps for you.

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